People need to maintain calm and rational entrepreneurial Carnival

when the public entrepreneurship becomes a carnival of the people, it is particularly important to maintain rational entrepreneurship. No technology and experience of entrepreneurs in order to rush into the market, it is easy to fall into the scam, not only a waste of money, entrepreneurial enthusiasm will be a serious blow.

"$6 children’s clothing stores", "working as joining × × yuan can have a Hot pot shop", "a brand to join Hotline for Business Promotion, early investment, make money early"…… Enter in Baidu join scam, there will be a series of clothing brand to join, food and beverage to join, ball point pen and other information. Have a little money on hand, they suffer from investment in no way friends would like to venture the most easily fooled, signed a contract to join, deceived.

in many stores merchants in advertising, clothing accessories such as the deceptive means many people impossible to guard against. They have only one purpose: to pay. Under normal circumstances, to find these stores are some want to start, but there is no social experience of young people. Young people to make a fortune dream, even doubts about things that are easy to be in each other’s rhetoric to dispel doubts. And usually young people always think that their business is to have a different vision.

The Swindlers Company issued

all investors need to keep rational business, not credulous advertising, not cheap. Now all the business support base is recommended