The edge of the open shop while playing college assets of millions

sentence is not difficult to be hard not to, the point that is right, this sentence can be used in business, some people do open shop business losses and some people easily in a complete mess, you can make a lot of today, the protagonist of the story is that a college student side open shop to play, easy earned tens of millions!

5000 yuan startup, wanpiao opened Taobao store

in March last year, ding ben with wanpiao attitude opened the first Taobao C shop sell cotton mop. And in September of this year, he has three stores operating management of Tmall. In less than three months time, total sales of nearly 10 million yuan has been planned.

this year, 22 year old ding ben, Zhejiang University of Technology, Jiaojiang College of business administration business students, Taizhou. In his words, the Taobao store was accidentally.

open Taobao shop, because the university is a good friend of the parents to do cotton wholesale business, can be used as a source of supply. Although Taobao sell cotton drag Taobao shop has been flooded, Dante ran a school in a small warehouse, flat-share, Taobao and part of the purchase price is almost 5000 yuan deposit cost is enough. "Not much investment, you can try."

in March last year, he pulled back to the first 12 models of the 700 pairs of cotton tow. The first step to pull the cost of a friend to buy a friend, 2, 3 days later, there is a customer to ask questions, I simply sell at a loss, earn popularity."

cotton tow low profits, business is good, one day will earn three hundred or four hundred yuan, the difference on the dozens of pieces." Ding ben the stage described as one minor.

but during this time, he also realized that: small cotton drag Taobao stores in the fierce competition is difficult to survive, must rely on a large platform. He began to spend a lot of time to study the operation of the store.

The secret of

‘s success: be honest and have ideas

turnaround occurred in September this year. The original purchase from the wholesalers, 2 yuan more expensive than the ex factory price, $3, no price competitiveness." Go back to the home of Ding Ding, think of ways to find the slippers manufacturers in Taizhou, I did not expect, manufacturers are also looking for people to operate the electricity supplier business platform.

"I propose to the factory director, the operating cost I assume, the profit sharing scheme. This compared to other operating team proposed hundreds of thousands of operating expenses, and then profit into a way to be more competitive." Ding Ben said that after many attempts to cooperate to talk about.

good luck comes again in half a month. By chance, I learned that there are other Tmall shop owner is also in this factory purchase, they were linked to each other." Recommended