Sichuan County Krabi village in Aba Prefecture how to achieve precise poverty alleviation

In the process of economic development,

has made a series of achievements, but there are still a lot of areas facing severe poverty problem, people’s living standards need to be improved! Then, the Sichuan County Krabi village in Aba Prefecture, how to achieve precise poverty alleviation?

recently, hall Executive Council research group to work in Krabi ABA County village survey for poverty alleviation, helping object Zhang Dingquan sent dumplings, salted eggs, rice, oil and other goods, and in-depth conversation.

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in the village cadres introduction, the research group said: one is the further investigation of poverty alleviation, accelerate the development of the aid program; two is combined with the actual situation of helping object, strengthen coordination and transportation Career Technical College, to help them learn automotive skills; three is to develop economic crops and poultry industry, ensure poverty.

we can see through the above reports, Sichuan in the implementation of poverty alleviation of poverty at the village of Krabi, has taken a series of effective measures. I hope these measures, in the near future, can have a certain effect, can really improve the living standards of local people.

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