Retail store summer cool three board ax

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weather is hot, hot air outside Jiaoyangsihuo, unbearable, a lot of people don’t want to go out. Because of this, in the summer, many people put the hypermarket as enjoy the cool refreshing place, just because there are open air conditioning. While supermarkets knowing that someone is to rub the cool, also not be excluded, this is because people will enjoy more or less to buy some goods.

stores can be so rich, but if we are in his shop has been open air conditioning, most high costs will eat small profit. But if you can not solve the problem of sunstroke, it is difficult to attract customers. Therefore, we should combine the store, take certain measures, fangshujiangwen.

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where to start off with high cooling costs? And look at my "three axes".

the first "tricks": improved store shelf display. If your shop is the front door rear window, then end to shelf doors and windows vertically. To do so, you can create a corridor effect. When the natural wind blew into the shop window, smooth from the shelf by interval. Of course, if the two walls on the two window at the door open, in addition to the wall, we need to consider how the wind blowing outside the shop. According to the wind direction display shelf, a small change can accelerate shop air circulation, implement sunstroke, Why not??

second "tricks": DIY, artificial refrigeration. In fact, the method is simple, an electric fan, some ice can be. Put the ice in a basin, the basin is placed in front of the electric fan, the electric fan is opened, the air conditioner in the store. It is energy saving and environmental protection: on the one hand, the power consumption of the electric fan is generally less than air conditioning; on the other hand, the store in the refrigerator or freezer is need to remove some of the ice. To do is shoot two hawks with one arrow. If the refrigerator or freezer no extra ice, can also be made of some ice. According to my experience, although homemade ice also need to consume some electricity, but still cheaper than open air conditioning.

third "tricks": scientific and reasonable installation of air conditioning. If you think the measures of trouble, too lazy to get, the second way is to shop space size air conditioning power right. It should be noted that the installation of air conditioning, the location of the air conditioner is very important. My experience is that the machine must be installed in a prominent position, but also can not be installed in the customer through the roadside.

machine is placed in a prominent position, is in fact a silent advertising, to tell customers "store air-conditioned"; can not be installed in the customer access road, is to avoid the hot air to the customers, so that customers feel irritable. In addition, the installation of air conditioning, air conditioning outlet position is also to be considered. It is best to let the air conditioning outlet toward the store, so that both can avoid the cold wind blowing directly to the customer, but also