Shenzhen light of the nternet change your life

the advent of the Internet to provide a great convenience for our lives, not only our way of shopping has changed, the spread of information in the channel is also more rapid. Third world Internet Conference opened in Zhejiang, Wuzhen on the morning of 16. President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony by video speech, on behalf of the government and the people’s Chinese China, and in his personal name, warm congratulations to the convening of the general assembly, to extend my sincere greetings to all the guests, and hope that we benefit by mutual discussion to increase mutual understanding and cooperation, make the Internet better for the benefit of mankind.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the rapid development of the Internet, to bring profound changes in human production and life, but also to the human society has brought a series of new opportunities and new challenges. The development of the Internet is no borders, no boundaries, the use of good, good development, good governance the Internet must deepen international cooperation in cyberspace, to build a community of cyberspace destiny.

in the economic development of the environment, the advent of the Internet has changed the life of you and me, the community is constantly moving forward. Xi Jinping stressed, "gentleman of the book, the legislation and the road health." China join the international community, adhere to the common well-being of mankind as the fundamental network adhere to the idea of sovereignty, to promote global Internet governance towards a more fair and reasonable direction, promote the network space to achieve equal respect, innovation and development, open sharing, safe and orderly target.

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