What are the first in Anhui City Baohe district future innovation development goals

Anhui as the central city of China, in the progress of the times, the economy has made continuous development, people’s living standards have been significantly improved. Reporters from the first meeting of the Hefei City District Fourth People’s Congress was informed that, as the first into the top 50 national city of Anhui Province, the next year, "the first in Anhui City Baohe district will have a series of big moves. According to the "government work report" shows that the region will further implement innovation subject cultivation plan, key project planning branch training 80 base; to attract high level talents; around the rail transit line, planning to build "Station District", "underground supermarket" as the main content of the Metro Economic zone……

planning by key project library

at present, the country hit like a raging fire. Reporters from the first session of the Fourth National People’s Congress Baohe district was informed that in 2017, the implementation of Baohe main foster innovation plan, guide enterprises to increase investment in scientific research and development and technological transformation. Seize the Anhui Province, Hefei city construction on the north shore of Chaohu Kechuang corridor major opportunities, Key Project Development Zone Branch Library, first to start the implementation of the action plan for the construction of corridor District branch, Hefei and Anhui to build an important technological innovation source and the innovation and development of the new engine.

growth of innovative enterprise clusters, and strive to add 30 state-level high-tech enterprises, provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial industrial design center of the 2.

implementation of plans to enhance the innovation platform, to speed up the Hefei Energy Research Institute, co-workers intelligent institute construction, strive annual new finds of municipal 2 incubators.

implementation of political research collaborative innovation plan, accelerate the gathering in the Department, University Department, Institute Department, Department of enterprise innovation resources, encourage and support the USTC, Hefei University of technology, An Jianda and other universities, institutes and enterprises to establish jurisdiction of industry technology innovation strategic alliance.

absorb to train 80 high-level talents

to attract talented people, Baohe district will implement the "118" innovation and entrepreneurship project in 2017, each province’s 1 leading industries to attract talent, create 10 innovative entrepreneurial team, absorb the culture of 80 high level talents, talent support to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

highlight the lack sophisticated oriented, give full play to the role of the association of high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship, to build the value of the platform, and strive to create a high level of innovative science and technology leading talent, master the skills and innovation team.

at the same time, the implementation of the "330 Binhu talent training project", perfect lead to preferential policies, create favorable environment to build together, with only the broad platform, and strive to create an attractive package "Introduction to the demonstration area", "Talent Gathering area". Recommended

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