The Dodo based western fast food brand

is the original form of food from western countries to China, and so far, remove the well-known Western fast-food brands outside, there are also many China native Western fast-food brands, Dodo based western fast food is one of them. Dodo based western fast food, domestic fast-food chain, Dodo based western fast food hamburger originated from Hong Kong Chongqing triangle economic circle of Hunan Changsha. In 2007 the Duo Duo based western fast food college opened its first restaurant in Hunan Changsha property, with the aid of the United States in the development of Western fast food China potential, Duo Duo to take advantage of price based Western fast-food and convenience advantages and product advantages, the rapid occupation of Changsha western fast food in the end market, by consumers love.

based Western fast-food brand Duo Duo

01, Dodo based distinctive brand image, good reputation, excellent management team, store management experience for many years, huge intangible assets, will bring huge profit sharing.

Based on

02, Dodo delicious product development capability, to make new products emerge in an endless stream.

04, Dodo based products can be comparable with KFC taste.

05, 10 years experience in the market, a comprehensive summary of the written information and CD-ROM, from management, marketing operations, etc..

06, strong planning and design, the first in Western fast food.

07, headquarters strong financial strength, raw materials to take " futures " bulk purchase, reduce product costs.

08, the country’s non-stop tour shop services, so that the shop to make money worry free.

09, a powerful Duo Duo based procurement group has set many manufacturers purchase advantages, suppliers directly specified by the manufacturer, no intermediate links, to ensure the lowest price. The quality of equipment and the price is always the most attention based duo duo.

10, Dodo based adhering to the international advanced western fast-food business philosophy, by virtue of its strong management and operation system and talent advantage, with different size of the Dodo based hamburger chain in China firmly stand in the small and large city.

this is a local fast food brands in China is indeed a trusted brand, if you want to open a fast food restaurant, please leave a message below our website!

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