Store location also need to consider the business content

a snack street, walking in the streets are the taste of all kinds of food, in this street you open a high-end suit shop, will someone go to buy it? Therefore, the shop to do business, business content is a very important factor. In short, the shop location, but a very strong scientific things, to the slightest sloppy. Choose the correct location, it is also very easy to operate, a slight error, not only time-consuming and laborious, but the effect is not ideal. I can choose to eat this loss. At that time, my family still lives in the furniture Square, but there is a furniture street, the whole day is the marriage, the relocation of people in the selection of furniture, furniture store business is booming.

at that time, because the operating efficiency of the enterprise is not good, I will leave without pay at home to find another way out, because of my ready-made dressing room, I thought, here the flow of people, and they are to buy big ticket goods, if a cigarette and liquor vendor here, business estimates will not be worse off. The reason is here to buy furniture, must have a big family, those who get married, move to socialize with the guests, and is essential.

at that time, I also think this is a good way to pleased with oneself, think here shop, unlike the commercial zone, the competition pressure is small, exclusive. Well, after a reorganization, my tobacco store City opened, which know, business is not as what I thought of as beautiful, usually come here spending customers basically is doing business in the furniture mall owner, are a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine in a small business. Big orders are not received, very depressed.

there is a time to purchase, and suppliers about the business of Lao Li told me upset, Li analysis, there is not suitable for operating tobacco, because people there are buyers for all to you, a solitary door shop, did not cause the attention of people, don’t look at commercial street stores there., supermarket, competition is intense, but if there’s a customer, basically they are to buy department stores, sales opportunity is great.

listened to Lao Li’s words, I immediately opened Dunsai Mao, the home of shops rent to a seller with business people back to the street department to rent a facade, because there’s fierce competition, I was up in the business also. Really, after not long, open the situation, my business is a world of difference compared with the original, really let me taste the wrong location of suffering, also let me taste the "sweetness" of selected sites.

I have learned at selected locations on the

, also have a few words to tell colleagues, in selected locations, must choose the content according to the business address. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Consumers have a "lively" consumer psychology, the more people the more they like to go to the place, especially some clothing stores, small supermarkets, and now there is no >

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