Tianjin innovation special help students calculating warm family

in our lives, there are some people face to face the gray haired black haired people, in their old age, because there is no dependence on their children, life can not get better protection. In response to this phenomenon, Tianjin Hedong District Zhongshan Gate street through innovative warm heart work methods, the establishment of psychological assistance projects, rich family planning special Fu family life. From the psychological point of view, to help families out of the plight of the plight, so that they are in the community, the organization’s support to help share the fruits of social development.

family planning special staff is a special group of people who are about to enter the old age but suffer from the pain of losing their only child. And only in the streets of Zhongshan Gate, now living in the family planning special staff 448 people, of which only the loss of a single population of about 185 people, involving a total of 122. How to accurately help the family? How to get them out of the spiritual dilemma? Zhongshan Gate Street began to explore the working methods try to warm heart from 2013, living here special help families, disabled children feel from the "heart" to care, help them from the "heart" to start a new life.

2013, Zhongshan Gate street, the introduction of psychological consultation we established the bridge studios, and the national two counselors leaves Hong Jun to establish a volunteer service, on a weekly basis for family planning special help groups to provide psychological counseling and psychological comfort. Three years, the bridge studio has gradually become another street crowd in the studio helped Nate, the staff also has become one of their relatives.

walked into the river in the studio, in this area small room furnished with 2500 kinds of sand and sand psychology, sand on all kinds of dolls, trees, palaces, animal, furniture, transportation facilities and other everything. Here is the national two counselors Ye Hongjun psychological counseling in the workplace, in this room, counseling through the promotion of sand, placed into the imagination look, from miniatures of 2500 kinds of people or things choose to join, the scene of the sandbox as close as possible to the mind, you can cast a person’s psychological condition.

here, not only let the autistic children open closed heart, let alone lost the old man untie the knot. Today, psychological counseling and psychological intervention method of heart Bridge studios launched the family alone lost enthusiastic feedback, has long been engaged in volunteer service in the studio of Wu Fengying seems to have become a special help staff willing to intimate exchange confidence, "some of them have to worry about things, always think to call me in the morning night. As long as they are on the phone, I am willing to listen to, it is not only my job, this is for my trust."

today, Zhongshan Gate street has developed more from the bridge studio form, to the sunshine choir from the warm heart of the home, the audience will be expanded to the entire area, for different age groups and different life recommended

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