Why take out and hit the O2O is still alive

believe that now referred to O2O, entrepreneurs are not unfamiliar, in fact, the development of the O2O industry is not all smooth, want to find their entrepreneurial opportunities in the O2O market, do a good job in market analysis is very important.

why project? This is mainly to see the starting point of the project itself has no value to the user, a lot of the media called it the "demand", but in my opinion is not just the problem, but the problem is not the norm, and Lazarus is just, but the taxi and take away not just, is a normal demand. The user can not take a taxi, but can not eat, so eat is just, the takeaway is the norm and taxi demand, taxi and takeaway can continue to meet the normal demand of human beings.

what normal demand, this demand is accounted for in a person’s life such as the proportion, in addition to just need to eat real, than normal demand for travel is the life of the user, in addition to the taxi, and train, aircraft, bus, walking and other needs, which accounted for the largest the demand of walking is the first, anyone walking from birth to the society are in walking, walking in the travel demand accounted for the largest share, followed by the bus, and then take a taxi, then the train, and finally the plane.

But many

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