Jiang Gaoxia’s four service to shop business fire

under numerous retailers complain that the business is not good to do, also have the business done fast, making the full pots of alms bowl, which naturally associated with retailers of personal business skills. This is an ordinary tobacco and non-staple food retail stores. Array of goods, clean and spacious shop, the shop owner partly hidden and partly visible music, bright smile and, to the customer into the store with a warm, comfortable feeling. Jiang Gaoxia tobacco and non-staple food retail store located in the county of Yu Hong Road west.

back to the county committee building and Huashan District, for the Red Road District, the home office of the Inland Revenue department. Store is not large, but the customer into the store shopping is steady. Customers come here to shop, in addition to the nearby residents, more of a home from work into the shop to go shopping. Aunt Wang Huashan district said, come here to buy things feel good, like home.

to greet the sound, so that customers feel the enthusiasm

"three people laugh, business run away" this sentence has been printed in the heart of Jiang Gaoxia. Therefore, for each customer to the store, she is the greatest enthusiasm to treat, so that the door has a welcome sound, the whole smile service. Treat customers as friends and family, and help them with their shopping. Jiang Gaoxia know, smile is a magic key, is the most beautiful language to impress people.

it can open the hearts of people, to add warmth to the surrounding atmosphere. A smile can make strangers feel kind and comfort. Service with a smile is a kind of virtue, is the warm hospitality of the performance. With all customers is the retail service purposes, is the basic attitude of dealing with customer. Every customer wants to see a smiling face, enjoy the warm and thoughtful service. Face indifference to customers, allow customers to buy things even daunting, dispel the idea, the customer will not purchase any goods in the most willing to face this indifference.

so, if the service does not smile, it gives the impression that there will be no manners, no quality, and service attitude and service spirit is the first to start with a sincere smile. After the customer enters the shop, Jiang Gaoxia greets with the friendly look, welcome customer’s presence. Always keep a smile on the customer, so that customers feel warm, there is a "Guests feel at home." feeling.

Jiang Gaoxia told me about such a thing. That day, there are not many customers in the store, Jiang Gaoxia sat in front of the computer, browse the news on the internet. At this time, an old man Yin face came in, Jiang Gaoxia quickly stepped forward to say hello: "uncle, you want to buy what?" The old man asked to listen to Jiang Xiao Gao, angrily said: "I let the little girl to death North store. I went to the store to buy things for her, she sat the patter to play the game in front of the computer, not lift head. I speak a little bit high, she gave me fell face, not let me so she got off that.