Cultural reform in Hunan to allow the healthy development of cultural consumption

Hunan cultural industry has been much concern, which is known to the people of Hunan television station, in fact, the local cultural construction is also in place, to bring a lot of joy to the locals. The prosperity of cultural industry, to a certain extent, also shows the development of Hunan’s economy, culture and the economy is always inextricably linked.

"program is really good-looking, didn’t expect our story to play table." The 75 year old Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture eighteen Dong village of Long Decheng, who has worked with the General Secretary Xi spoke of the "star aunt cheerfully said. And the woman, in the past two years, Hunan ordinary people sit on the stage the audience judges what art judges, graffiti works into the tall hall. This is a reporter recently in Hunan research, Hunan culture feelings, let people get more sense to produce a power for the development of the reform of the respondents, benefit the people.

in recent years, Hunan cultural front prominent "main line", that is to study and understand the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches especially important speech on the cultural work as the main line, at the same time grasp the artistic creation, cultural livelihood, cultural industries and cultural protection of the four battle".

let the people truly to "master" attitude to enjoy the cultural achievements, really feel the "culture", the Hunan Provincial Department of culture, adhere to the "people-centered" goal oriented consciousness and work is very bright. The change is caused by the people from the development of cultural undertakings, feel more sense of acquisition".

culture provides rich and colorful

culture is different from the local economy is, in addition to cultural products has the economic attributes of goods, as well as the attributes of ideology and the nature of public goods, so cultural supply side reforms, in addition to inventory, make a short board, but also by improving the people’s quality and guide the cultural needs. So, what kind of culture? Very important.

in July this year, there are 12 large Hunan Xiang Opera repertoire staged in the capital’s major theaters. Unique Hunan taste works, is the capital of the audience enthusiasm, the central propaganda department Comrade Liu Qibao also attended the training of "the moon" baba. The ballet "peach blossom spring, Han Opera" the legend of Meng Jiangnu "," Qi Baishi "Flower Drum Opera repertoire, described as" Xiang drama Jin Jing, Haoxiliantai ", Hunan has become the new literary name card. Only this year, there are 44 projects selected Hunan National Art Fund to support the project, ranked sixth in the country.

last year, the fifth Hunan Art Festival Exhibition 31 large repertoire, 18 plays and 252 Qunwen activities, open the "people play, play masses, play to the masses" model, through the network broadcast, provides a feast of art for the line of about 50000000 spectators, was also held in Hunan province’s first television Opera spring recommended

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