Dessert join process consists of six steps Xinshoubikan

many friends love to eat dessert, a dessert stores profitable, but some basic skills we need attention shop. How to join a dessert shop? What are the specific steps? Here follow the small series together to look at dessert join process analysis.

1. project consultation: understanding the dessert franchise information browse through the official website, telephone consultation, send data etc..

2. qualification: franchisee can fax, submitted online or directly carry the application form to the company, also can communicate directly with the investment manager, interaction and understanding of the relevant circumstances, a preliminary cooperation intention in determining can reserve quota.

3. investigation and demonstration: with personal identification documents to go to the headquarters of the dessert to visit the site, visit, negotiate, understand the project and join the cooperation of specific matters.

4. signed an agreement: to reach a consensus, the formal determination of cooperation intent, signed a contract for authorization and data transfer. To give personal or corporate information to the head office.

5. professional training: professional technical training and marketing management. Dessert to join the headquarters assigned to help shop location, give reasonable advice, to provide a unified store design, renovation program timely decoration.

6. Follow-Up Services: in the shop opened, the customer service service and dessert franchise headquarters operational guidance will immediately follow, one track of the franchisee of continuous service, to ensure that investors can easily profit business, rest assured.


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