Hongia and three juice stew pot stew out of the restaurant

what is the most healthy way to cook? One day two, steamed, braised. And as an important form of Chinese cooking, has a long history. People know that food is healthy and tasty stew out. This is Hong Ji and three one of the reasons why cooking juice Huobian the food market. Hongia and three health, cooking juice, green fashion, become an independent school in the catering market, with strong market competitiveness, is a good choice for investment.

hongia and three brands have the advantage of cooking juice. Inspiration three juice stew pot from the traditional Hot pot with the people’s material and culture, the improvement of civilization, the traditional single Hot pot boiling mode cannot meet the needs of contemporary people, more and more people began to focus on health, health, new and high grade food culture.

only after the Qinhuangdao Jun Catering Management Limited R & D department R & D, a one-year investigation and hundreds of cooking test, eventually we will China traditional diet therapy concept into the cooking process to "stew pot" and the innovation of the products, the traditional cooking to stew, baked again after the first innovation eat mutton. Eventually formed a new "Hong Ji and three juice stew pot".

young people can not only enjoy the stew, baked, boiled fun here, but also enjoy the rich taste of delicacy, a variety of dining experience. "Hongia precious health diet and three cooking juice added and without a drop of water, a secret sauce braised in cooking, the maximum guarantee of food nutrition, color, smell and taste, shape is the highest level. But also the collocation baked pot, pot and a variety of characteristics of gel gel delicious drinks, snacks, can meet the needs of different people.

are delicious, all in cooking. More variety of snacks and drinks nutrition collocation, give your best to enjoy the taste buds, Hong Ji Huang three cooking experience with your juice feast is delicacy of delicacy, you can not miss. Hot market, Unlimited Business Opportunities, hongia and three lead rich juice cooking frenzy, has huge market demand, entrepreneurial wealth choice.

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