Third local railway construction in Qinghai

The day before, the Provincial Department of land resources of our province organized third new local railway – Gongliu to Yiliping project land deployment conference, which marks the railway officially opened the prelude to the construction of land expropriation. This project along with the distribution of huge reserves of Saline Lake, coal, iron ore and transportation volume potential, after the completion of the project, in promoting regional resource development, promote the rapid development of the local economy, improve the regional railway network, enhance the flexibility of regional railway network transport, improve enterprise competitiveness has important significance and role.

Gongliu to Yiliping local railway project is located in Haixi Prefecture, located in Qaidam, cold lake Commission administrative jurisdiction, a total area of 1293 hectares. The project is an important transportation infrastructure for the development of the Qaidam circular economy pilot area, which is one of the key railway projects in 12th Five-Year.

project in 2013 12 menstrual approved by the provincial development and Reform Commission, a total investment of 2 billion 999 million yuan, the construction period is 30 months. The main project unit of the Qinghai local railway construction investment Co. Ltd., the implementation of BT construction contract mode construction in Beijing runheng Investment Co. Ltd. as a consortium lead, ten Bureau of China Railway Group as the project construction general contractor, complete all the construction of static investment part of the project. The project is the construction mileage of 98.053 kilometers, project 28.8 kilometers, 1.8 kilometers Gongliu station, line length of 128.653 km, a total length of red, Ma Hainan, and Ike Yav (reserved water duck pier will make the station five stations), Ping Yi li.  

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