Road at the foot of the extension Xining City narcotics detachment Wang Fuhai

met Wang Fuhai, of medium height, face a smile and a sense of contour, even a little shy, not too big eyes and thin body, make it difficult to put in front of him with a narcotics and firearms hero together. But this is Wang Fuhai, 16 years of fighting in the public security front, from an ordinary civilian police to the anti drug detachment, with their own youth and loyal blood to defend the country’s peace and happiness of the people.

community police he debuts

July 1992, Wang Fuhai graduated from the people’s police school, was assigned to the west area of Xining city as the "tiger Taiwan police station police". Community work does not show the Mountain Dew, all day with the neighbors do not, the couple fights, the elderly lost, children lost, drunk trouble and so trivial little things to deal with. In this seemingly calm under the surface of the water will always flow out of the turbulent undercurrent.

One day

May 1995 morning, occurred drunken brawl police station area of a construction site. When receiving the alarm, the police on duty just outside the police deal with another situation. Is the dormitory laundry Wang Fuhai dressed immediately, the defense team led 2 police handle. The scene is a mess, bricks, bottles flying all over the sky, Wang Fuhai loudly discourage invalid cases, fired warning shots, 5 of the victims and to illegal detention will be rescued shed. When they were ready for the site, the door was locked. In the face of drinking in the siege, Wang Fuhai simply hold a gun, a victim and the defense team will try all out of the wall…… When his comrades came reinforcements, he had been unconscious in a pool of blood. This is the police, Wang Fuhai made a large area of the body soft tissue contusion and rib fracture, urethral rupture, still left sequela of urethral stricture.

One night in

in early autumn, just recovered from Wang Fuhai led the defense team to patrol in the area, West Main Street, have a nap junkmen roadside, stood beside a bicycle. In the passing through the moment, Wang Fuhai subconsciously took a look at the bike lock, by a weak street light, careful he clearly saw the car lock on the skid marks. After cross examination, the name of Shi Shiming junkmen is actually a large theft, the bike is stolen by him.

patrol ended, he will carry the garbage bag open look, in a stench of garbage, found half a crumpled cheque. There must be something wrong. At daybreak, Wang Fuhai did not take a break, according to check the information on the bike to the investigation immediately Xichuan of a shopping mall. Hard work pays off, that is, half of the check uncovered another robbery and rape of Shi Shiming.

careful he became the backbone of criminal investigation

In the summer of 2006

day, Xining City West District police brigade received a report, area residents Adon driving his TOYOTA SUV employed by a man to Sichuan two days after the Aba tourism, car missing, missing, suspected of robbery.

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