The report caused the relevant departments to focus on multi sectoral rectification of the surroundi

December 15th, the newspaper published the first secondary school in Xining surrounding environmental remediation issues. The same day, the city of Xining City Bureau of education joint public security, industry and commerce, urban management, culture and other departments, raided the Xining and the concept of a street near the primary school shops, bookstores, iron shop, etc..

in the inspection, the inspection team focused on the examination of a teacher in Xining reflect the problem. Relevant law enforcement officials said that a teacher must reflect the existence of the situation, in order to clean the surrounding environment of the campus, the departments have also carried out a number of raids, centralized remediation action, but with little success. The main reason is that operators around the school to see law enforcement officers, will zunzhangshouji, but law enforcement officers to leave, they should how to do whatever it can do, law enforcement officers also cannot stay here everyday.

in the inspection to the Dragon Yang iron, the store business license and other licenses complete. Law enforcement officers asked the Dragon Yang iron operator, when cutting steel pipe or beat iron pieces, as far as possible in the room, and close the doors and windows to reduce the impact of noise on the school.

Xining City District Education Bureau, said Diao Yuzhu, maintaining the campus surrounding environment is the common responsibility of society as a whole, in the future, the education sector and law enforcement departments to strengthen supervision of the surrounding shops. At the same time, the law enforcement departments will also be closely linked to the school and school, found the problem, you can contact immediately and the law enforcement departments, and the relevant law enforcement departments will strictly deal with promptly. At the same time, I hope this newspaper will continue to pay attention to the surrounding environment, and law enforcement agencies to maintain the surrounding environment.


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