Ren Peiyu won the silver medal athletes in our province National Taekwondo Championship

4 25, from Hebei, the good news, in the 2016 National Taekwondo Championships, the province’s sports team of the two athletes Ren Peiyu won a valuable silver medal in our province.

2016 National Taekwondo Championships is the highest level, the largest number of people, the largest sports event, 577 men and women athletes participate in the competition. Ren Peiyu in the women’s 46 kg class competition, in the game, she is not afraid of all players, brave, final, but in the final, he regretted losing to Anhui’s Liu Kaiqi, harvest a silver medal.

according to the provincial sports work two brigade relevant person in charge, at present, it is the intensive stage of the game at home and abroad. Ren Peiyu is the two sports work Brigade Athlete Qingxia won the National Women’s boxing championship bronze medal in the 81 kg category after a short period of time to obtain second medals. And they can harvest frequently in the contest medals, 4 months of winter and in our province are inseparable, is also very good to verify the benefits brought by the winter.


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