Warm wet flow northward led to frequent precipitation in Xining this year

August 2nd, the author learned from the Xining Meteorological Observatory, from January to July this year, Xining cumulative rainfall of 289.7 mm -440.1 mm, compared with the same period last year, more than 18%-79%. The number of days of precipitation was significantly higher than that of the same period in the past year, too much precipitation caused the disaster to occur, and also had a great negative impact on the growth of crops.

according to the Xining meteorological statistics released information, precipitation in Xining city this year over the main and West Pacific subtropical high and continue to guide the southwest North and southwest warm moist air flow continuously transported on the plateau has important links, confluence of cold and warm air, resulting in a large number of precipitation.

in addition to precipitation, in July, the average monthly temperature in Xining area at 15.3 degrees -17.2 degrees C, compared with the previous year, the urban area of low temperature of 0.2 degrees, Huangyuan high on the high temperature of 0.9 degrees, Huangzhong high of 0.3 degrees, high on the chase of 1.3 degrees C.

The weather and climate conditions of

lead to the delay of crop growth, lodging and the occurrence of pests and diseases in some areas of Xining. Meteorological experts suggest that the crops have been lodging should take timely measures to remedy, as far as possible to minimize the loss.  

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