The livelihood of the people in the government work report

national per capita disposable income grew by 7.4%, faster than economic growth. At the end of last year, the balance of savings deposits of residents increased by 8.5%, 4 new trillion yuan." The reform of the bonus pockets can stand upright. This year’s government work report in this group of data, reflecting the economic reform and development of the people to bring a sense of reality.

warm mind is not a bunch of

and solve the 64 million 340 thousand rural drinking water safety issues. Efforts to strengthen poverty alleviation, rural poverty reduction of 14 million 420 thousand people."

urban affordable housing projects basically completed 7 million 720 thousand units, shantytowns housing starts to start the construction of the 6 million 10 thousand sets, the rural reconstruction of 4 million 320 thousand, a large number of families with housing difficulties round dream."

to speed up the improvement of compulsory education in poor areas of the poor school conditions, deepen the reform of primary and secondary school teachers title system, the number of rural poor students enrolled in key universities and an increase of 10.5%." – drink safe water, live in a new building, a poor child, not a is a bunch of warm feelings.

over the past year, China’s economic downward pressure, although the financial constraints, but efforts to protect people’s livelihood continues to increase. Comprehensively push forward the comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the county level, to expand the residents of serious illness insurance, the establishment of medical assistance system for major diseases, people with disabilities living difficulties and severe disability care subsidy system. To improve the subsistence allowances, allowances, the basic pension for enterprise retirees and other standards, the implementation of the endowment insurance system reform and improve the salary system."

as premier Li Keqiang said, "the road to politics, people oriented. We want to read again and again, the inscription of the heart, and more people’s livelihood, more people’s livelihood." Let the masses have more sense of access, is the biggest dividend reform.

"living" a lot of work out high efficiency

– "strengthening the innovation and promotion of agricultural science and technology, to carry out the creation of green grain yield and high efficiency, the implementation of zero growth of pesticides and fertilizers action." "In order to speed up the people’s health, food and drug safety supervision system and improve the unified authority, adherence to each line from farm to table, from the laboratory to the hospital, so that the safety of the people eat, eat at ease."

– "improving the quality of consumer goods. Speed up the quality and safety standards and international standards, the establishment of punitive damages system of commodity quality." "Reduce import tariffs on some consumer goods, the creation of duty-free shops."

– shantytowns 6 million units this year, to improve the proportion of the house to change the proportion of monetary resettlement. Improve the reasonable consumption of housing consumption tax, credit policy, to meet the rigid demand and improve the housing needs of the city to resolve real estate inventory policy. Establish and hire purchase housing system, to meet the requirements of the foreign population gradually incorporated into the scope of supply of public rental housing."

– active second-hand car market, accelerate the construction of urban parking and new energy vehicle charging facilities." ;

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