Xining CDPF learning activities require the well being of people with disabilities on the heart

Scientific Outlook on Development

in the in-depth study and practice activities, the city CDPF put forward the disabled and well-being in mind, to carry out the investigation, listen to the demands of the disabled, people with disabilities to understand the living conditions, help people to share the fruit into the reform and opening up and the progress of social civilization.

disabled people is a special social group, to safeguard their rights and interests, is an important part of economic and social harmony, stability and development. There are nearly 120 thousand people with disabilities in our city, such as education, employment, rehabilitation and life security. Canlian in depth study and practice activities of Scientific Outlook on Development, to fulfill the "representatives, service and management functions, will continue through mainstreaming combined with special education, promote the sustainable development of education for the disabled; by strengthening the disabled employment security fund collection efforts, and promote the employment of the disabled in proportion to resettlement to understand and grasp; in case of the disabled rehabilitation needs, communication and coordination with relevant departments, set up rehabilitation sites systematically, for everyone in 2010 rehabilitation work objectives; actively reflect the life of disabled persons to the relevant departments, to focus on security and support the combination of special, coordinate and solve the living problems of the disabled.


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