Agriculture and animal husbandry Party branch and Zhu village Party branch to commemorate the foundi

"71" on the eve of agriculture and animal husbandry branch careful preparation, early planning, according to the Bureau of the Party branch of "71" program, June 29th morning and helping the village Zhu village Party branch to carry out the 91 anniversary of the founding of the "seven" series of commemorative activities. One is
organized agricultural branch and Zhu village Party branch to build forum will contact the party members, and speak freely to speak about obtained in recent years, the effect of the new rural construction, and held a concert, short and fun interactive activities such as folk flowers; the two is to support the project funds for 150 thousand Yuan Zhu Nan village renovation, and 4000 yuan condolences to Kim party scene; three is the provincial Party committee and the municipal government issued "to the province’s farmers and herdsmen letter to a friend," 400 copies, both promote and implement the party’s agricultural policy, and the real difficulties of the masses to solve the existing problems in the production and life of the show, members of the Communist Party the image of the pioneers to practical action for the 91 anniversary of its founding; four is the leading cadres lectures, writing experience, "the party is in my heart" essay activities Five; through the first half of the target task completion summary, to carry out a specific study of striving for help and catch super revealing problems, looking back, the implementation of the rectification activities;

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