Help hundred days tackling the five step method

I learned from the East District, the district will actively implement the five step work, help me two hundred days tackling the problem, focusing on solving the problem of poor sanitation, traffic congestion.

guidance method — the region’s 12 new communities, 15 villages and main street fragmentation zoning, the county leading contact point chip package, work method of field command, the point of contact to guide to environmental remediation, traffic order, uncivilized behavior regulation, social cultural environment purification etc.. Publicity and guidance law — with the help of the news media to promote the two units to carry out the specific challenges of the hundred days. The use of moral classroom, the public schools to guide the masses to cultivate a good habit of public health care. Method: selected volunteers in volunteer service every Monday, Friday afternoon to the designated intersection of volunteer service traffic civilization persuasion, to actively participate in the volunteer activities of the units issued by the flow of red flag to participate in volunteer activities, District civilization office, Party volunteer service card will be issued, with volume fraction of volunteers to tuanouwei exchange gifts as the number of stars, integral outstanding volunteer volunteers, evaluation standard. Leading method combined with the working party members into the community activities, let the working party members in the community through showed the status of lead work, enthusiasm to further stimulate public participation in environmental remediation through exemplary role. Assessment of the law – the inspection team insisted on the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment and safety of blocking the hundred days to carry out a series of operations to carry out supervision and reporting. At the same time, the results will be used as an important basis for the reporting of civilized units at all levels, the participation of outstanding volunteer service groups, the end of each unit target assessment.  

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