A family Chuangwei city in Xining Province Women’s Federation held health initiatives

8 30, the ancient city of Xining Hui Hakka supermarket door, bustling, jointly organized by the province, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation "millions of families together to build a harmonious new Xining Chuangwei" initiative has attracted a large number of people.

women as an important member of the family, is an important force to promote the creation of national health city. Over the past two months, the provincial women’s federations at all levels through the development of talent competitions, hand show, quiz, theatrical performances and other activities in the city of Xining, women of all nationalities to create universal knowledge of national health city. At the same time, the city’s 3771 women volunteers carefully organized and harmonious family demonstration households, green home demonstration households into the community and family, to carry out various forms of propaganda and consultation activities, guiding the public to establish a healthy and civilized lifestyle, thrift. To enable the majority of families to take action to participate in the creation of national health city action.

day activities, Xining Province, city and Lianpin please 500 women obligations as "women’s health supervisor". And issued a proposal to the general family and women’s sisters: do Chuangwei work obligations propagandists; do Chuangwei work model of practitioners; to do the image of the city consciously maintain. To learn health knowledge, practice the basic norms of civic morality, to guide correction around the various negative phenomena, play an exemplary role, make a positive contribution to Chuangwei work.


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