Datong County People’s Congress Standing Committee held a meeting to study and implement the spirit

the morning of November 21st, the organization of Datong County NPC Standing Committee held a special meeting to study and implement the spirit of eighteen, a comprehensive study of communication of the eighteen major meeting of the party spirit, unity of thinking, build consensus, to provide a solid guarantee for the idea to create a new situation of the NPC organs work.

At the

meeting, Song Weilin, chairman of the Standing Committee of the county people’s Congress, put forward specific requirements for the study and implementation of the spirit of the party’s eighteen meetings. Song Weilin proposed to learn and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen major political tasks as the current and future period, and strive to learn better, deeper understanding, the implementation of more effective. Learn the spirit of eighteen, to ensure that the learning effectiveness, to achieve the "three concentration", namely: the concentrated reading eighteen report, the newly revised constitution, focused discussion and exchange learning experience, focus on special counseling seminars of all cadres; to achieve the "four grasp", namely: has profound understanding the eighteen major party themes and significance, the CPC’s historical achievements summary judgment etc. deeply understand the rich connotation of the new Scientific Outlook on Development’s historical status and guiding significance, Chinese characteristic socialism theory, the deep understanding of the basic requirements, the socialist China features a comprehensive well-off society and deepening reform and opening up the goal of deep understand the new requirement to adhere to the people’s Congress system, promote the construction of democratic politics; to achieve the "three links", Namely: contact the actual thinking, contact the actual work, contact style building. To adhere to apply their knowledge to promote learning, learning to actively use the results to guide practice and promote the work, and to study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen big opportunity, conscientiously carry out the masses of grassroots service work, the full completion of the task. At the same time, we should carefully plan a good idea for next year, under the strong leadership of the party, give full play to the functions of the National People’s Congress, make greater contributions to the construction of "prosperity, harmony, ecological and livable" new Chase, ensure to study and implement the eighteen Conference spirit to achieve real results. (author: people do young people declared)

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