During the eleven provincial road passenger traffic will reach 1 million 180 thousand passengers

7 days of "Golden Week" of the road and waterway transportation work from the big screen yesterday from the beginning of. According to the forecast of Qinghai Province Highway Administration Bureau, the "eleven" period the province road passenger transport volume will reach 1 million 180 thousand people (excluding taxis and buses), up 8% over the previous year; waterway passenger transport volume will reach 20 thousand people. To ensure the safety of passengers, convenient and efficient travel, transportation departments in our province and set up the "eleven" golden week road waterway transportation work leading group, the detailed arrangements for the country to do during the holiday road and waterway transportation organization. According to the new characteristics of the National Day holiday this year, all the Department in charge of transportation, the road transport management institution and transportation enterprises will focus on strengthening the city and surrounding tourist attractions, attractions and bus stations, train stations and other passenger hub of the city public transportation and tourism passenger capacity investment, and according to the traffic situation, timely adjust the frequency, timely open with the bus (boat) and car (boat), avoid passengers stranded. Holiday travel, safety first. Based on the strict implementation of road danger goods transportation safety management and operation of the vehicle dynamic monitoring, long-distance passenger train at 2-5 in the morning when the parking rest and passengers, escort personnel certificates and other measures of the system, the transport sector has also improved the road transportation related emergency plan and transportation organization scheme, to deal with unexpected passenger flow peak. To strengthen the work of production safety, September 26th to 30, the provincial transportation department has organized manpower for local road waterway transportation service security preparedness and safety work carried out thorough investigation "". In addition, during the festival, at all levels, the competent departments of transportation, the road transport management institution, the maritime administrative departments will strengthen supervision and inspection on site, and with the relevant departments to focus on combating the illegal operation, overload speeding and fatigue driving, Shuaike pour off, arbitrary charges, arbitrary price hikes and other irregularities, to create a standardized and orderly travel environment.  

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