6 National Museum evaluation results

State Bureau of cultural relics recently announced the 2013 annual National Museum of the assessment results of the review of the operation of the museum, the province’s 6 museums in the year of the national assessment of the work of the National Museum of the two or three achieved excellent results in the work of the year 2013. Among them, two National Museum, Qinghai Province Museum assessment review the results as excellent, 5 national Huangnan National Museum, Qinghai Museum, Hainan, Liu Wan painted pottery museum, National Museum, Huzhu County, Huangzhong County Museum, three province level museum assessment review results are qualified.

at present, our province has 25 museums, including the museum in 17 state-owned museums, state owned industry Museum 2, 6 private museums. Among them, the national two Museum, the National Museum of the three, 5, are state-owned museums. From March 2014 to September, according to the National Bureau of cultural relics related to the spirit of Qinghai Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau set up a working group in Qinghai province "two or three national museum operation assessment, carried out 2013 year Qinghai province National Museum two or three operation evaluation. The assessment work carried out by the Museum of operation, to further enhance the service level of our province museum society, promote the sustainable development of our province National Museum two or three operation management level and the province’s museums. In the museum operation evaluation work, the participating Museums Exhibition, pay more attention to social education service work, actively expand the research related work, enhance the museum exhibition and social education function.  

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