[Xining] hundred mile Gallery the tour of the plateau azalea festival held the eighth azalea Festiv

  June 12th to 18, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County held a hundred miles Gallery, a plateau azalea "as the theme of" Qinghai national Forest Park · Datong Chahansala River scenic area eighth azalea tourism festival".

Cha Han River scenic area is ecological tourist attractions around Xining recently, the original natural unique style, known as the "Zhangjiajie Tibet Plateau", with its beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, the Tibetan Plateau has attracted numerous visitors to visit the grand. Chahansala River scenic area is the most abundant forest resources, Tibetan Plateau vegetation protection of the integrity of the national Forest Park one of the scenic spots in the distribution of plant species over a thousand species, known as the "Plateau" three flowers "one of the azaleas here are widely distributed, an area of 6253 hectares.

the Cultural Tourism Festival "new tourism landscape Datong, the flowers of the town, including the opening ceremony and organize theatrical performances, photography exhibition, folk arts and crafts exhibition, scenic hiking, azalea appreciation and other activities. ()


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