Park Lane community built a database of various people to worry

"the glass in our house is very dirty. I don’t know if anyone can help me" West District victory Road Subdistrict Office Park Lane Community low Liu Lizhao to the community committee for help. Neighborhood committee director Wang Hong knows that Liu Lizhao and his wife are not in good health, they quickly from the "community information database" in connection to the volunteer Fan Yongquan, Fan Yongquan took on the cleaning tool, not for a while, they will be ready in a Liu Lizhao glass.

in the Park Lane community, such as volunteer Fan Yongquan was included in the community information database, there are hundreds of people, there are professors, doctors, engineers and other professionals who have style, the backbone of public spirited volunteers. New year’s day, new year’s day to engage in literary activities, in the community library information, you can find literary talent." Said Wang Hong excitedly.

Park Lane Community in the daily home thoroughly, set up archives for the community household, including family size, age, occupation, telephone, community of more than 10 thousand people all of the information collection, formed a complete community information database, information database in the community, they also specifically listed community volunteers and elite. In June 25th, the reporter saw, the information base consists of 5 categories of more than and 20, in addition to the collection of the elite, and a special object in need of assistance such as: low, Empty Nester and single parent families; should pay special attention to objects such as: psychological obstacles etc.. Community foundation to find out, the effect is more obvious for the residents of the service.


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