Government procurement of basic public health services in full swing

In August 12th, a reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission held a news briefing learned, to change the service model, and promote people’s health, health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance recently jointly issued the "implementation of Qinghai province government purchase of basic public health services, provisions from September 1st this year, the full implementation of the basic government purchase the public health service, to ensure that urban and rural residents in the basic health services, community and family to enjoy convenient, continuous and comprehensive basic health services and health management. The provincial government to purchase basic public health services and the full implementation of the province, which is the first time in the country.For the public tender

new funds used to strengthen the key population management, to further expand the coverage of services, improve the standardization of services, enhance residents’ perception. After the implementation of the new TB patients health management services, the province’s basic public health services increased from 14 categories to the class of 15.

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