Before May Xining CP prices rose 2 5%

Reporters from the National Bureau of investigation team was informed that Xining, 1-5 months, the city’s total consumer price index (CPI) was 102.5, up by 2.5% over the same period last year. Non food prices rose 1.9%, consumer prices rose by 2.4%, service prices rose by 2.9%, industrial prices rose by 1.1%.

from the extent of the impact: 1-5 month, food prices rose 3.6%, is the main factor affecting the CPI rise, pushing up the CPI 1.36%. The effect of food on a large, food prices rose 3.6%, driving food prices rose 0.4%; food prices rose 8.4%, pulling the food up 0.98%; dry and fresh fruit prices rose 22.7%, pulling the food prices rose 2.02%; outside the home prices rose 2%, pulling the food up 0.45%; aquatic products prices rose 3.7%, pulling the food rose 0.1%. Clothing prices rose 5.8%, the price of CPI is the impact of the factor, pulling CPI prices rose by 0.54%. Entertainment and educational supplies and services tobacco and liquor prices rose 4.2%, affecting the CPI rose by 0.39%. Health care and personal products, transportation and communications, residential prices rose 1.1%, respectively, and 0.6%, respectively, pulling CPI rose by 0.12%, 0.06% and 0.11%, respectively, and.

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