mplementation of the policy to improve the new rural cooperative medical security

for the city NCMS NCMS provided new personnel to fully grasp the policy, to provide better services for the majority of farmers, April 26th – 29 days, I held the Xining City Bureau of NCMS dibiao policy training, District, township (agricultural Street Office) agencies and provincial and municipal, district (city, county) the township level four appointed medical institution personnel a total of 107 people participated in the training.

training courses mainly focused teaching, simulated operation and communication discussion, combined with the standard of the province new rural cooperative medical policy, around the city after the mark the newly revised "Xining city" and the detailed rules for the implementation of NCMS fund financial system and accounting system, audit fees and reimbursement procedures and calculation methods and new adjustment statistics etc. a comprehensive guide. Through systematic training for 4 days, so that every student to participate in the training of comprehensive understanding of the NCMS compensation policy, our city standard after further standardize the audit fees and reimbursement procedures, financial management and accounting caliber. After the examination, the trainees pass the qualification rate of 100%, achieved the expected training effect.  


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