Earnestly organize the implementation of the project of Xining city and the city of underground pipe

provincial government held a special forum to exchange the work of the city of Xining, the city of the sponge and the ground floor of the city of the sea floor of the pilot project, do a good job of organizing the implementation of the project and do a good job related work requirements. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong attended and spoke.

the meeting pointed out that the correct leadership of the provincial government, the departments of the relevant area, under the joint efforts, Xining City, East Sea city was selected as the 2016 national sponge City, underground pipe gallery building pilot city. Do a good job in the construction of pilot projects to improve the city’s comprehensive carrying capacity, improve the quality of new urbanization is of great significance. Xining City, East Sea city and the relevant departments of the provincial government to protect Qinghai from the height of the brand trust, to further enhance their understanding, the main responsibility for the implementation, strengthen coordination and cooperation, ensure the smooth implementation of the project, high quality.

meeting the requirements, all localities and departments should earnestly learn from the two city experience, as an opportunity, change idea, adjust the ideas and methods of work, and actively adapt to the new way of special financial funds allocation competitive assessment. To strengthen policy learning, pay attention to communication and cohesion, good at using external resources, good project planning and reserves, and further enhance the level of work in our province. To actively promote the province’s financial capital competitive evaluation of the distribution of pilot work, accelerate the pace of the construction of the relevant system and expert library, and effectively improve the level of financial management.


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