Fully implement the five Kung fu

12 3, the provincial Commission by letter, the provincial SASAC held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the provincial state-owned enterprises forum. Vice governor Wang Liming attended and spoke.

meeting that the provincial state-owned enterprises forum reflects the provincial government on the province’s industrial and state owned system of concern and expectations for the next year and even the future of the province’s industrial and state-owned enterprises in the direction of reform and development. As soon as possible to develop a plan to convey the implementation of the study, to promote the province’s industrial and state-owned enterprises to step up the work of state-owned enterprises.

meeting requirements, to fully implement the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng put forward five efforts to arrange the deployment of key work next year. Innovation and development, to transform and upgrade traditional industries, increase varieties, quality, brand, promote quality and efficiency; to cultivate 4 billion dollar industry, accelerate the development of new energy, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection and other emerging industries; encourage entrepreneurial innovation. Adjust the structure, optimize the internal structure of the region, industry and industry, do a good job in the development of the park, expand the county economy, focus on the focus of industrial clusters, foster the development of related industries. To deepen the reform, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises in our province to implement the policy of "1+N" system; to promote the transformation of the social functions of enterprises management form, support state-owned enterprises without reservation. In the supervision of state-owned assets, to promote the establishment of a sound system of centralized management of state-owned assets operating mechanism. In the enterprise party construction, to clear legal status of Party organizations in enterprises in the corporate governance structure, the overall requirements of Party building work in state-owned enterprises into the articles of association of the company, ensure the party organization of state owned enterprise core of leadership and the role of political core.


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