Xining municipal health bureau Party Secretary of the basic training focused on the successful concl

is committed to promoting the construction of learning party organizations, and constantly improve the party secretary of the party building and social management capabilities, give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations fighting bastion. Municipal Health Bureau on June 15th to 17, organized a grassroots party secretary training courses. 32 grassroots party committees, Party branch, party secretary and Party cadres participated in the training, coverage reached 100%. This training presents three characteristics.

vivid content, forms. To carry out thematic counseling, seminars, exchanges, audio-visual teaching methods. The opening ceremony, bureau Party Secretary Liu Haonian made the opening speech made clear demands on learning and training; during the training, has invited the party Guan Lishu and teacher Ma Yixin respectively conducted a special counseling seminars to strengthen social management and innovation, strengthen the construction of clean government; to watch the videos "enhance the sense of public service, people always do the servant" and the Ministry of health medical expert Rao Keqin "medical and health system reform progress, difficulties and problems", and had a discussion on strengthening and innovating social management.

by concentrated training, ability and social management of the grass-roots party organization Secretary of the global system the concept has been further improved.


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