Xining to carry out the safety of agricultural products 100 day action

this year, Xining agriculture and animal husbandry department to carry out the "hundred days of action", carry out the slaughterhouses, farms, agricultural inputs, the quality and safety of agricultural products and Huang fish 4 special, so that the city’s agricultural and animal husbandry production environment, agricultural products market and the quality and safety of agricultural products to improve.

as of mid April, the city’s Department of agriculture and animal husbandry common law enforcement officers dispatched more than and 300 passengers, check the agricultural enterprises and more than 400 stores, 35 agricultural market rectification, to correct irregularities in 46 cases, and 10 cases of counterfeit agricultural. To conduct a comprehensive inspection of the 15 pig, cattle and poultry slaughter, slaughter of 4 harmless treatment facilities are not in place, 3 place is cold slaughter management situation proposed rectification requirements, the 1899 head of the detected (only, feather) animal disease and product all harmless processing. A total of 16478 samples were tested for clenbuterol, and the results were negative.

to carry out special inspections of seed, seed investigation and case 2, seized 230 counterfeit seed bags; investigation of veterinary drugs in 4 cases, the confiscation of counterfeit veterinary drugs 4 (180 bottles / box), a fine of 3990 yuan. Seized the illegal sale of Huang fish stall 4, seized 23 kilograms of Huang fish. Joint Provincial fishery station to carry out special inspection of the city’s private kitchens 1, seized 1 illegal Huang fish processing and sales.

action, focusing on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center, transportation integrated market and vegetable cultivation base area supervision and testing. In March, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center 1046 samples, the qualified rate is 100%; transportation market of aquatic products 24 samples, a pass rate of 87.5%, mainly from Shaanxi and Zhengzhou; three county agricultural products 316 samples, a pass rate of 100%; the city level monitoring of vegetables and fruits, edible fungi other 50 samples, the qualified rate is 100%. In the first quarter, the results of routine monitoring of the Ministry of agriculture, Xining agriculture, livestock, water agricultural products were 100%.


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