Xining city this year will be 111 villages hardening road 530 km

reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Bureau, this year, the municipal government, under the arrangement, the city will be 111 institutional village hardening road 530 km.

in accordance with the requirements of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the city will be 111 administrative villages unified into the overall program of the province’s military enterprises build a model village activities. According to the construction plan, the city Bureau of transportation and actively coordinate the construction of the county, the transportation sector to do a good job of pre planning and field research projects. It is reported that the total investment of 120 million yuan of hardening road plan, through the village road remediation, will improve the production and living conditions of farmers and rural living environment to lay a good foundation for quality. Up to now, a total of 27 demonstration village road hardening project Provincial Communications Department has issued a funding plan, a total mileage of about 145.2 km, with a total investment of $32 million 418 thousand. The city still has 84 demonstration village road hardening projects need to be included in the Provincial Department of transportation fund subsidy plan, hardening mileage of 384.7 km, with a total investment of $84 million 300 thousand. (author: Zhao Linsong)


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