Project construction at top speed Huimin project a quarter of the province to promote the transporta

in the first quarter of this year, the province’s transport sector in order to be a good development of the first officer as its mission, in steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood and other aspects of hard work, transportation work started well. Data show that a quarter of the total completion of highway and waterway traffic investment in fixed assets 1 billion 587 million yuan, an increase of 27.73%. Among them: the completion of the highway investment 1 billion 139 million yuan, the national highway to complete the investment of $372 million, the transport station to complete the investment of 76 million yuan.

people come to early spring. With Yashenga to Tongren expressway, national highway 310 line to add to Xunhua mountain road, State Road 569 to Datong Road around Mandela Ning section, Fecteau Yakou to highway 102 line Xining Beltway link chase through Huangzhong to Ping An section of highway 27 key construction projects of the early resumption of the arterial highway year plan to start building the comprehensive promotion. At the same time, the construction of station transport involving Xining dopa, Chaoyang, caojiabao bonded logistics park smoothly, Gongliu to Yiliping local railway project is stepping up construction plan, basically completed during the year.

in efforts to build a smooth communication, interconnection of integrated transportation system in the process of transportation departments at all levels to actively implement the Huimin project, except for 7786 people in the province of migrant workers through participation in the construction of income, has been issued in poor areas of rural highway investment plan of 1 billion 400 million yuan, the construction of 208 projects, totaling 5798 kilometers smooth, can effectively solve the problem of 227 poor villages; 200 convenience bridge (culvert) project is design, review and bidding efforts, all the work plan at the end of May.

fully support the smooth Xining project construction. Among them, the Beijing Tibet Expressway Interchange reconstruction project of the Yangtze River and the Luqiao River Gorge (newspaper bridge) project, West Highway Reconstruction Project of Qinghai University, the surrounding road (Xueyuan Road, Spring Bay Road, high road, Ninghai) 7 projects have been started, 109 National Highway from Beijing to Lhasa road Kunlun road change line project preparatory work 16 projects to accelerate.

road passenger and freight transport continued to maintain steady and rapid growth. A quarter of the province’s total highway passenger capacity of 9 million 883 thousand and 900 people, passenger turnover 715 million kilometers, 18 million 857 thousand and 100 tons of cargo, cargo turnover 3 billion 736 million tons km, compared to the same period last year increased by 5.91%, 5.83%, 6.55% and 6.36%.


face multiple occurrences of a wide range of snow weather, road maintenance and management of highway departments to increase inspection efforts, and actively carry out the management of freight vehicle overloading, traffic along the road area environmental remediation work to ensure safe and smooth the road.


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