Xining Red Cross youth work started

"and implement the spirit of eighteen, caring left-behind children, build fraternity xiadou" and Xining City Red Cross youth work ceremony, held in the central square in the afternoon of November 23rd, as in young advocate cherish life, care and help others, Thanksgiving return society concept, guide the majority of city youth to vigorously promote the "humanity, fraternity and dedication" the spirit of the Red Cross, in good physical and mental health of public welfare activities.

the activities of the provincial Red Cross, the Red Cross, the City Board of education sponsored by the Municipal Health Bureau, the municipal Party committee, municipal committee working committee. To start the ceremony, Nanchuan road middle school, twelve in Xining, the international village primary school, primary school, before the road Labor Camp Street Primary School 5 schools of the red cross award; 32 schools for the Red Cross youth volunteer service team flag; to 393 schools in the city donated 290 thousand yuan worth of basketball, football, volleyball and other sports activities. Through the above activities, and guide young people to vigorously promote the "humanity, fraternity and dedication" spirit of the Red Cross and mutual help, helping the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, cultivate teenagers love the motherland, love people, love of labor, the spirit of helping others and from participation in charitable activities of the broad feelings, so that the majority of young people to become the beneficiaries of the service, the Red Cross work and participants, so as to promote the all-round development of students’ mind and body. At the launching ceremony, the city’s 166 left behind children, poor students each offering condolences to help fund $400 to help them improve their living and learning environment. (author: Wang Zi)

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