Xining police combination to combat and prevent crime

2014 Xining police will comply with the new trend of policing, to take a variety of measures to crack down and prevent all kinds of criminal activities.

Xining police official said, in 2014 at the meeting, the development trend of Xining City Public Security Bureau will take the initiative to adapt to the new police, adhere to the occupation, specialization, informationization, focus on concept, mechanism and means of innovation, through the adjustment of criminal cases handled the detection pattern, deepen the serious cases of concentrated poverty mechanism, strengthen the small case "the fight against the three measures, and strive to achieve the transformation and upgrading work, Xining’s rapid economic and social development.

Xining police will focus adjustment mechanism, the integration of human, financial and material resources, information resources, through the unified acceptance, comprehensive judgments, focus on combat mode, adhere to the murder and major cases of police synthesis combat mode, and strengthen the responsibility to implement and strengthen the anti technology facilities, theft and deception propaganda, the implementation of dynamic precision strike cases, to further enhance the overall combat effectiveness.

Xining police will strengthen the full-time patrol team, video monitoring system, security patrol standardization construction, give full play to the village community, enterprises, public security organizations, and actively carry out police defense work, further integration of patrol, Swat, full-time patrol force, the scientific division of the patrol area, the implementation of grid patrol, the police more in case, high accident locations and prevent weak period, improve the street see alarm rate and charge rate, the formation of joint security pattern of government leadership, social participation, leading public security.


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