West District of Xining city for the West export makeup

October, the ancient city of Xining after several rain baptism, chill. But the West District Xining city west exit area is be in full swing, digging pits, handling trees, trees, soil and water…… More than 70 workers will be sweating, a tree on both sides of the road. It is understood that the west exit green, West District, a total investment of 530 thousand yuan, will be planted in Sophora japonica, Xinjiang poplar, elm, clove trees in the west exit, a total of about more than 6 strains.

in the planting site, responsible for troops Shaodong director, for the west area greening work, create livable West, accelerate the construction of Xining City, garden city pace, from the beginning of September 20th, the west area of the west exit green belt as the focus of autumn planting, every day more than seventy workers in the planting of trees on both sides of the road. Ma said that due to the climate of Xining, planting tasks must be completed in early October, so this holiday, in the west of nearly seven kilometers of planting point of the work of the garden staff have no rest.

another source, West District autumn planting work since early September has been carried out, the completion of the city tree replanting work, so far, has been in the north, the Yellow River Road area Lake Avenue North resow high quality more than 3 strains of clove, Sophora japonica, elm and other types of replant 315 trees, these trees will be replanted green environment beautiful Huacheng district. West District 2012 autumn green all the work will be completed in mid – late in 10. (author: Wu Yachun)

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