This year the first emission rights transaction completed 30 million yuan turnover

In March 30th, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau in the provincial administrative services and public resources trading center successfully held in our province in 2015 the first emission bids fair, 15 companies participated in the bidding transactions, a total turnover of 4517 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions indicators, indicators of sulfur dioxide emissions 788 tons, a total turnover of 32 million 239 thousand yuan.

, continue to further promote the compensation for the use and emission rights trading pilot work, is to implement the national and provincial government on the reform of system of ecological civilization is one of the innovative work. Provincial government attaches great importance to the main pollutant emissions trading pilot work included in the "overall" system of ecological civilization construction in Qinghai Province, as a key content in our province to implement the comprehensive deepening reform and vigorously promote. In order to better play the role of total pollutant control system, establish the values of environmental resources, the limited capacity of the resource value, the use of paid "in the whole society, to further promote the industrial structure adjustment, reduce the environmental costs of the whole society, realize the coordinated development of regional economy and society, our province to explore actively and steadily push forward the sewage the right to compensation for the use and trading pilot work, the success of the four bidding Fair has aroused strong repercussions in the community, but also for the Qinghai Tibet plateau ecological fragile areas, underdeveloped areas, ethnic minority areas, the western poverty-stricken areas of environmental protection, pollutant control work carried out beneficial exploration and practice.  

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