Xining excellent days this year more than 300 days

reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this year, Xining’s air quality significantly improved, the urban four state-controlled automatic monitoring points 24 hours of continuous monitoring of air, as of December 14th, Xining City air quality days reached 305 days, the fine rate was 87.4%.

it is understood that, in order to improve the city’s air quality, this year the city developed a "plan" comprehensive improvement of air pollution in Xining city in 2012-2015, to further expand the scope of the remediation area, increase the comprehensive management of air pollution in the city. Crack down on coal-fired boilers, black smoke behavior, the city’s 99 coal-fired boiler soot emissions were monitored, including the excessive discharge of 56 boilers were rectification. Coal fired boiler "coal to gas" work has been carried out, and the "coal to gas" treatment has been carried out for the 100 steam boiler in the coverage of natural gas. Catering industry to carry out coal (oil) smoke pollution control work on the four area of the 947 catering units for soot treatment, effectively reducing the urban air pollutant emissions. To strengthen the supervision and management of motor vehicle pollution control, vehicle inspection completed a total of 129 thousand and 600 vehicles, the implementation of green standard motor vehicle management, at present, issued green label 118 thousand and 400 vehicles, yellow car 11 thousand and 200. (author: Rong Lijun)

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