The province’s publishing unit heads meeting

in March 12th, the province newspaper publishing units responsible for the meeting, the meeting to convey to learn the spirit of the National Conference of major newspapers and management work, the main work and the arrangements for the deployment of this year’s newspaper publishing unit.

the meeting pointed out that in 2013, the province newspaper publishing units adhere to the correct opinion orientation for publication, do a lot of work in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the eighteen Party’s mass line of educational practice, publicity, press reform steadily, publishing strategy has made new achievements, foreign propaganda has achieved positive results. To promote the province’s economic and social development has made a positive contribution to create a good environment for public opinion.

this year, the province’s publication of newspapers and magazines will be in accordance with the overall deployment of the General Administration of press and publication and the national newspaper management work conference spirit, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, enhance political awareness, overall awareness, to further improve the publication of series of speech of general Secretary Xi Jinping, China dream, socialist values and propaganda theme. And to carry out a one-year combat extortion news special rectification action, strengthen the daily supervision of press and publication, resolutely investigate and deal with illegal actions, and take various forms to strengthen journalistic team education and training, organizational renewal version of the press card, repaying unqualified certified personnel, to provide strong talent guarantee for the better development of newspaper industry.


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