Sanjiang source park built in 5 years

Xinhua news agency, Xining, April (reporter Li Yaguang) – Qinghai Provincial Committee recently held a meeting of the deployment of the source of the national park system pilot work in Sanjiang, will strive to build a source of 5 years in Sanjiang, China National park.

source of the Sanjiang National Park includes Qinghai Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve, as well as the source of Sanjiang National Nature Reserve of Zhaling lake and Eling Lake, Xing Xinghai Park, a total area of 123 thousand and 100 square kilometers. According to the plan, Qinghai will be "a year basis, two years to complete the experimental task to promote the work as the goal, the final in the 5 years of the garden into the sustainable development of economy and society, the harmony between man and nature of ecological civilization first area, providing a model for the similar area.

According to reports, located in the southern part of Qinghai province is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Lancang, the birthplace of the world, is also one of the most important ecological security barrier in Asia and one of the world’s most sensitive areas of the climate of the start of the,

. At the end of the last century, the deterioration of grassland ecosystem, climate change and other factors caused the degradation of grassland, lakes and glaciers. To this end, the state in 2005 to establish the Sanjiang nature reserve, 10 years of accumulated funds invested close to $9 billion, nearly 100 thousand herdsmen moved away from the grasslands, more than 700 thousand farmers and herdsmen initiative to reduce the number of livestock breeding.

"after 10 years of protection, the ecological degradation of the source region of Sanjiang has been initially curbed. The amount of water resources increased by nearly 8 billion cubic meters, grass real estate increased by a total of 30%." Li Xiaonan, director of ecological protection and construction in Sanjiang, Qinghai Province, said, but there is still a high degree of social participation is not high, the herdsmen income channel is narrow, the various departments of the government are unclear responsibilities, functions and other issues.

the establishment of the pilot system of Sanjiang National Park, will integrate the various departments, regions, the implementation of the ecological resources of the overall system to repair, in order to rationalize the source protection mechanism in Sanjiang, enhance the protection of science. At the same time pay more attention to the improvement of the lives of farmers and herdsmen, through the rational use of existing resources to create a number of ecological tourism to absorb employment, organic farming and other green industries, so that the people share the ecological protection of dividends.

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