Xining City Spring Festival cultural package wonderful

Xining City area to develop the advanced culture, to show national art style "as the main line, highlighting the" safe and civilized, small scattered, healthy and economical effect "principle, mining show Plateau Characteristic and local characteristics of folk culture, create a set of community culture, the traditional culture in rural areas, as one of the fire festival the Spring Festival cultural package".

Yangko twist up, gongs and drums knock, dragon lion dance, red lanterns hanging high up…… This year, the district launched a welcome by the masses of the Arts Festival, farmers basketball, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and other special festivals and cultural activities. Yu Zheng at the beginning of the month eight in the South held folk Shehuo is the beginning of the nine month high pay New Year’s call, Simon stadium held City District Spring snake show a new look "excellent fire performance, drum, drum, dragon and lion dance, stilts, yangko dance, Hanchuan inch rocker, performances, unique performance of the traditional folk art and people’s spirit of the times style, fully show the center of urban folk culture, add cultural flavor as public holiday.

The fifteen

during the Lantern Festival, in order to highlight the propaganda of the economic and social development achievements and people’s spirit of the times for the content of permanent lighting lighting transformation of the South and North Street lamp. "The charm of the central", "Ji snake spring", "happiness Avenue" and "Yingbin Avenue", "glorious eighteen", "lantern riddles Gallery", "Happy Garden", "twelve zodiac series" group of 9 lights, creating a "sleepless nights" scene, further create a rich and harmonious the festive atmosphere. (author: Su Jianping)


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