Xining municipal labor model Sanjin will continue to issue a total of 520 thousand yuan

Recently, the Xining municipal model workers will continue to receive the model workers, three gold totaling 522 thousand yuan. Among them, the 192 city model workers issued condolences to gold 194 thousand yuan, to the city of the model workers issued a low income subsidy of $160 thousand, to the city of the 32 model workers issued special difficulties to help the king of $168 thousand.

it is reported that this year issued municipal model workers "gold" standard for 1000 yuan per person; low income subsidy for the average income of less than 2000 yuan monthly municipal model workers make up 2000 yuan, unemployed (unemployed) without income depending on age and physical condition of the former municipal situation according to 6000 yuan -15000 yuan / year standard subsidies, farmers and herdsmen male workers over the age of 55, women 50 years of age and have no fixed income or loss of working capacity by 800 yuan / month subsidy standard; special difficulties in helping gold according to the practical difficulties of model workers according to the standard issued, the maximum not more than 15000 yuan. Model workers Sanjin will take the form of centralized and unified distribution.

as well Lamor special subsidies for the issuance of work, the Municipal Federation of trade unions at all levels to actively carry out workers living conditions of investigation work in the early stage following the dynamic model of work and life at all levels, health status, timely grasp of their needs, develop a reasonable subsidy standard divided echelon and allocation scheme for the model workers to send New Year wishes in the at the same time, also to help all levels of model workers to solve the difficult part.

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