The national development and Reform Commission on the province 12th Five Year Tibet planning investm

days ago, the national development and Reform Commission to conduct a special inspection of the Province Qinghai Tibetan investment construction project. Focus on examination of the "12th Five-Year" period of Tibetan investment projects, to further promote the implementation of a new round of project 13th Five-Year "period.

the inspection by written examination and on-site inspection combined inspection method. Inspection teams to Huangnan, Hainan, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture three field to carry out inspection work, listen to the report on the implementation of the project in three states, "12th Five-Year" all planning projects by construction data review, and part of the project in 8 counties were randomly selected from Tongren, Maqin, Republic of the field verification. After careful inspection, the inspection team of our province "12th Five-Year" project construction and fully affirmed, the project started, the completion rate and the specific construction conditions satisfied. At the same time, in order to further improve the level of project construction in 13th Five-Year, according to the individual problems found in the inspection, the inspection team proposed to strengthen the leading role of planning, regulating the procedures for project construction, improve the ability of project management views.

provincial development and Reform Commission official said, the next step will be to coordinate the relevant departments of the state and province, the inspection found problems carefully rectification, and inspection requirements to actively implement the "13th Five-Year" project to promote Tibetan investment projects in our province and rapid development.


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