How to design the facade of home decoration company

do Jiezhuang business, is to provide professional services for others, if you do not even do their own facade, but also how to make consumers trust you? Therefore, in the face of the above, must be unique, then if you want to open a family decoration company, how should the facade design?

1, the pursuit of "postmodernism"

"post modernism" design will be prominently displayed, convey is a design concept. Therefore, in the decoration of the functional integrity of the space, without having to do too much modification. For example, wall treatment, rivets are exposed, just use color to reproduce the beauty of architecture; irregular geometric shapes well-proportioned, metal the designer’s preference, they have shown a "postmodern" concept.

2, longing for minimalist classical


nostalgia recover the original simplicity, the vicissitudes of life

in the reinforced cement like the city for a long time, people began to yearn for the natural scenery, recalling the vicissitudes, mottled brick, old wooden wood screw, rugged pine floors, landing the big iron gate rusty, there was a row of naked rivets, open creak sound, as if the footsteps of history. This design is to meet a psychological one kind of vicissitudes of the years.

4, the perfect combination of art and business

this design easy to give a young, rigorous, modern impression. The use of combinations of elements as little as possible into the biggest the strongest, inclusive, to convey to the audience a rigorous professional ability and calm feeling, so as to achieve the perfect combination of art and commerce, which is one of the many young people to pursue.

White wall and

top and column gray and light color with black and white facade, is individuality; open and easy file exchanges between departments and take into account the layout of commercial space in common. This is the perfect combination of art and commerce. The essence of the design has always been unable to lose, the more it is done less, the more careful elaboration.

There is

provides several design schemes, specifically how to carry out, will have to see the specific location of your company, in short, want to get.

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