Honor your parents to become the best choice for a holiday

During the long holiday, more time to stay with the elderly, children are the best filial piety." Ms. Cheng said the public a lot of wishes to do children. Chat with your parents at home to watch TV or cook for their parents, with their parents to go on a trip or shopping or eating delicious food, and even bring their parents to the hospital for physical examination…… During the National Day holiday, many people have more time to honor their parents.

to parents to make delicious meals

during the National Day holiday, many people put the main energy in the accompanying parents. Accompany the parents to talk, watch TV or do delicious meals to parents, so that the elderly feel their children’s filial piety and warmth.

ADA package of coca soft buns more than and 80 year old father, Mr. Shaw parents burned the old man’s favorite dishes, Mr. Zhang and the home of the brother and sister take turns for parents to cook…… A lot of people’s family is full of warm taste of their parents.

during the National Day holiday, the provincial capital of all hospital patients is relatively reduced, some children do not very good with the body’s parents go to the hospital to check the body, so that the elderly were treated or nursed.

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